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Total Training Access

Total Training Access gives you access to our Audio Training Library. You can listen 24/7 to a large list of training cds offered on our website. New training CDs added throughout your yearly membership.

$299.95 for one year membership... Special SALE PriceĀ  - $199.95!

Join today and you have a library of training cds valued at over $1000 with new titles added throughout the year which only increases the value!

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Current training titles available with new trainings added throughout the year.

  • Building Tools for Success
  • Dynamic Team Building
  • Booking Parties and Coaching Hostesses
  • Recruit Your Way to the Top
  • Partnering Family and Business
  • Increasing Party Attendance
  • Expanding Your Business Beyond Friends and Family
  • Maximizing Your Income By Running a Cost Effective Business
  • Leading With Vision
  • Phoning Without Phobia
  • STOP THE RIDE! I want to get off! Time Management, Family Balance and Organization Tips
  • Think Like a CEO
  • Master Networking
  • Creating Lifetime Contacts
  • Follow Up & Follow Through
  • I Have a Recruit! Now What?
    • CD 1: The First 48 Hours
    • CD 2: Six Simple Coaching Calls for the First 30 Days<>br>
  • BOOT CAMP! Basic Training for New Consultants/Representatives
    CD 1
    • Understanding Party Plan, Direct Sales and Network Marketing
    • How to make your business work for you
    • The benefits of being a consultant
    • List of 100
    • Scheduling your Grand Opening/Starter party
    • Inviting people to your Grand Opening (what should I say?)
    • Filling your calendar to experience rapid growth in your first 6-8 weeks!
    CD 2
    • Hostess Coaching - how to partner with your hostess and ensure a successful party
    • Finding your first team members
    • Making your business a SUCCESS
Sign up for Total Training Access

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