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The Success Factory
The Success Factory team has over 80 years of combined experience in Direct Sales/Party plan. While they have enjoyed the rewards of being involved in this industry, they know firsthand the struggles people meet without the guidance of those who have forged the path and captured the tools to excel in life, family and business. Hands-on participation and success in this industry along with years of coaching and teaching has prepared them to offer their gifts and talents to women in quest of success. Their desire and passion for making a difference through helping others resulted in the creation of The Success Factory.

Teresa Garrison
After years in the full time corporate world, joining the direct sales industry inspired Teresa in finding her passion and purpose - helping other women achieve their goals and dreams. She focuses on developing leaders and building strong organizations and this strategy proved successful in earning her "The Quantum Leap Award" for highest organization growth. She was also honored three times as "Woman of the Year" and was a Circle of Excellence and multiple President's Club achiever in sales, recruiting and promoting leaders. By "working hard to play hard", she earned 16 all expense paid trips and through these incentive awards took her husband David all over the world. She has been a member of the "Million Dollar Club" for five years and believes her purpose is to add value others. She met the qualifications to reach the top rank level of the company she was a consultant with for 16 years.

Robin Early
Robin has had 18 years of growing a successful business in the party plan industry. She found a way to balance raising her three children, run a thriving home based business and fulfill her other outside interests and volunteer work. She achieved President's Club multiple times by focusing on the basics of a party plan business. Through successfully working a consistent part time business she earned and took her husband Donny on 16 luxury incentive trips. Robin was awarded "The Heart Award", one of the highest honors in recognition of her talent for training and passion for helping others.

Dede Gruenberg
Dede Gruenberg has been involved in the party plan industry for nearly two decades. She has balanced her business alongside her great family, three children and husband Wes, and numerous volunteer activities. Dede has a real back-to-basics attitude; believing that this business is best built, the old fashioned way - through home parties. It is through the traditional party setting that she consistently maintained high personal sales and recruiting, and developed a solid organization. The key to her steady growth in the industry has been a solid, balanced work ethic combined with a true passion for helping women be all they can be.

She helped to develop and implement a Leadership Training program, working as a trainer to share the information with other consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dede's sense of humor and easy going style have made her a popular choice on conference calls and at training events throughout the country including national conventions.

Judy Jones
Judy joined the home party business in 1981. She joined for the products but stayed when she saw that the business opportunity would work around her busy family schedule. Judy also saw the business opportunity as a way to grow personally as a stay at home mom so when she did want to re-enter the 9-5 workforce, she would have skills that were marketable. Along the way Judy earned over 20 luxurious incentive trips to places she proudly took her husband, and sometimes their two daughters. She has been a seminar speaker at her company's national conventions, earned double President's Club, and grew a large team of spirited women. She was passionate about her product and was a strong seller year after year. Judy believes that working your business your way while being part of a larger organization provides the best of both worlds. She allowed herself time to build and find tools and people to help build a satisfying business. Along the way she found the joy of helping other women bring out qualities from their depths that they did not know they had. Judy feels her greatest achievement was passing on to her daughters that they can become whatever they want to be through honesty, persistence, education and old fashioned hard work.

Alice Hinckley
Alice Hinckley has been involved in the personal development and direct selling industries for over 20 years. Alice has achieved President's Club in direct selling, earned numerous incentive trips while also establishing herself as a personal & professional coach and sought after speaker. Alice's passion is to help others grow, change, & experience life by laughing, loving, sharing & caring each and every day. Over the years Alice has worked alongside personal development greats such as Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and countless others. Direct selling is the ideal environment for Alice as she is driven to help others succeed in all areas of their life. Her background as a CPA offers a pragmatic approach to making life decisions that serve you in life. Alice continues to learn by attending personal development events and speaking to audiences of all sizes. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her incredible husband, Bob, and their two malitpoos, Allie & Baxter.