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    Business Basics does an excellent job of covering the fundamentals for our kind of business. These are four terrific training CDs from two of Direct Sales finest leaders and trainers, Teresa Garrison and Robin Early. I am proud to endorse their efforts and consider Business Basics a must for anyone serious about making the most of their business opportunity.
    --Nicky Laman, Discovery Toys Founding Diamond Sales Director

    Dear Friends....I just listened to every one of these four training cds on my trip to North Carolina.  These training cds are fantastic!!!  WOW!!  The cd on recruiting by Teresa is the best ever....and Robin’’’’s cd on booking and hostess coaching gave so many good words.  There are 4 cds and are so easy to listen to...like they were sitting in the room talking to you personally!  Worth every penny...I strongly encourage you to get them immediately and get them out to your team!  Thanks, Teresa and Robin!  You filled a hole in my training for new and experienced team members! 
    --Barb Montgomery, Diamond Sales Director - Discovery Toys

    Have you ever longed for a personal coach to help you soar to new heights in your direct sales business? Do you wish you could just get a basic list down of the steps to take to be successful~ both for yourself & so you can train your growing team? Well The Success Factory trainers are available for YOU ~ they can ride in your car, work out with you, keep you company in your office~ on CD of course~ and they will outline the steps to success in EVERY avenue of your exploding business! I have never missed an opportunity to hear these ladies in person (9 conventions and counting) or to own their tapes. The viable step by step ideas they share are keys to success whether you began yesterday or 10 years  ago like me! Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom and empowering me to help change the lives of those on my TEAM!

    Kahtra Kayton

    I have really enjoyed your CD’’s and the stationery.
    The CD’’s have been a great encouragement and reinforcement of good business habits in my business.  Some of the tips are so easy and very effective.  I also had my Unit listen to the CD on Scheduling and everyone agreed that it had good information that they could use.  Thank you!

    Warm Regards,
    Jenny Ortiz

    In my 30 years in Direct Selling I have met many fine leaders, trainers
    and business people.  Without a doubt Teresa Garrison ranks right  up at the top in each of these areas. Anyone who has the
    pleasure of listening to her training CDs will quick realize how very
    talented she is and how much she can help any organization achieve

    -Gary Galindo

    I loved your presentation at our meeting in Memphis.  I came home and immediately listened to the whole Business Basics CD.  Thank you So much for such wonderful info.

    - Peg Rousey

    I now listen to your cd’’s once a week in my car to keep me motivated!  
    Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement!!
    - Lisa Faludy, California

    I recently purchased your CD(s) and I must say "KUDOS"! I learned so much and have listened several times. Your CDs are packed with so much information....
    Keep up the great e-mails and products!

    Val Fitzpatrick, Founding Star Consultant
    Celebrations by Lillian Vernon

    Dear Success Factory;

    I have worn out my CD Set from Robin and Teresa.......You need to make a Volume II!  :)

    Thanks,  Brenda Niederberger

    You ladies rocked! I enjoyed your presentation in Pittsburgh and I’’ve been listening to the CDs ever since!

    - Kim Turns


    The Balancing Home & Work Life CD helped me realize the importance of

    some groundrules about taking calls during family time, spreading business
    "stuff" all over the house, and greeting my husband promptly when he came
    home--thanks for opening my eyes!
    Tina Mora

    My company provided me with a copy of your CD and it has been a great motivator to make my own business as successful as possible. Thank you for sharing your insight, wisdom, and expereience. I look forward to applying your advice! 
    - Morgan Starkweather, Divine Romance

    Teresa-Just wanted to celebrate with you! I have been listening to the Success Factory CD’’s on Sponsoring. JUST by changing a few things and applying your teaching--I sponsored 6 new wine consultants last month. #2 in Sponsoring in the Country for WineShop! Yeah! I have been doing this for 8 years and NEVER sponsored so many people in a month!
    - Allison Bennett, WineShop at Home

    "Business Basics" is a wonderful asset that not only benefits your business, but your life and family as well.  Robin and Teresa share exceptional, personalized information that will help you to succeed and obtain a balance in many areas of your life.  A must have for inspiration and motivation to refer to over and over again!
    --Sherrie Deutsch, EC, Discovery Toys

    "Business Basics is exactly that!!  It is all of the key ingredients ANY consultant would need in any area of this business to get started on the right foot.  I feel that I can use all of the information to train my newest to my seasoned team members to success.  These CD’s have the steps you need to make your business grow from the very beginning!  Wow!!!  To have it all right at my fingertips, rather than in many random locations of notes from past trainings is fabulous!  A must for everyone who sees training as an important element of growth!  I can’t wait to see what’s next!!"
    --Juli Heath,  Marble Falls, TX

    The set is wonderful as it touches on all parts of our business - selling, team building, hostess coaching, balance and organization. It gives many illustrations and "words to use" as well as inspirational quotes and fun stories. Brand new consultants will find it useful as a how-to in getting their businesses started and seasoned consultants will find it a life saver when it’s time to coach and train others. I’m excited to have this set in my library and have already recommended it to my team members!
    --Cathy Thompson, Discovery Toys

    Dear Teresa and Robin,
    I thought your Success Factory CD set was fabulous!!!!! I really needed to be reminded of the simplicity of this business.  I think everyone in any kind of home based business would benefit from listening to  your words of wisdom.  Sometimes we get caught up in the fluff and forget to focus on the one a day is the winning way.  I think a new consultant would greatly benefit by listening to the CD set after they have attended their new consultant training.  We give them a lot of information but if they have the Success Factory CD’s to listen to and review the information that is most important to making them successful in their business. 

    --Toyfully, Anne Smith Group Manager, Discovery Toys - Denton, Texas
    P.S.  Thanks Robin for the awesome thoughts on Family and business balance!  I felt like you were telling me exactly what I needed to hear.  Thank you!!!

    "I really enjoyed all the great tips and hints that I learned about while listening to the Success Factory CDs. They were easy to follow along with and were a great source for new ideas. Being new to this business, it was great to hear personal testimonials from successful business leaders. I was able to relate to both facilitators. I highly recommend this learning tool!"
    --Toni Borthayre, Educational Consultant, Discovery Toys

    I just wanted to write and tell you how much your CD set has helped me in the past few days. I have already listened to the first 3 CDs and I definitely feel it was money well spent. Each session is informational and to the point, which not only gives me concise, business-building information ffor myself, but it is also a wonderful example for me on how to train my own team. Thank you so much for making such a great training tool available to the masses! Well done!
    --Lisa Thomas, Group Manager, Discovery Toys

    Training Testimonials
    I am so honored that you touched my life because you have impacted me tremendously.  I am not quite sure how to put it into words, but your "spirit" is just contagious and I think that is a big part of what works between you and I.  Suffice it to say, I could sit and listen to you speak for hours as you have such a simple, but fun way of letting people know not only how easy this business is, but that they can do it.  That anyone can!  I can’’t count on my hands the number of times I have listened over and over again to your training cds - it gives me the self-confidence that I need to refocus on my business when things may be going in the wrong direction.

    You have a never-ending, positive attitude that I think reaches out to anyone. Your commitment to sharing your knowledge and abilities makes you an awesome trainer!  Having had the opportunity to be trained by you and to work along with you on a home office committee, I am always anxious for the next chance that I have to share in your devotion to success.

    --Peggy Giberson

    "Teresa and Robin are two of the most dynamic and inspirational leaders/
    trianers in the direct selling industry....they are true experts at making
    the "Party Plan" model simple, fun, and profitable for Distributors."

    Tom Zimmer

    Can you hear me "rock’’in" from there?  Thanks to you and Teresa and ALL
    your wonderful words of wisdom, coaching, and support,


    Everything you have taught is sooo true.  We are lucky to have you coaching our
    team.  I can’’t thank you enough.  I have learned if you set your mind and write down your goals, you can be UNSTOPPABLE.

    See you next week, Ready to PARTY and learn....
    Denise Procaccino

    Teresa Garrison and Robin Early are doing what they were born to do!!! Thank You! Thank YOU!

    - Heather Sullivan, Passion Parties

    Robin and Teresa, thank you so much for your motivation in Pittsburgh, I am new at Network Marketing and I enjoyed every minute of you both...

    - Michelle Anderson, Clementon, NJ

    I loved hearing and seeing Teresa and Robin at our Training. Besides all the great information they gave us, one of the things that really stood out for me. The fact that they took the time to research our company, they attended a party and they knew everything that was going on. I know this may seem like a small thing to most people, but to me it is a very important thing. You ladies are wonderful and I hope we get to meet you again.
    Thank You So Much!
    -Billie Jo Campbell - Ohio

    I loved the training!!! You two were awesome! I can’’t wait to put into action everything I learned from you over the weekend!!!  Thank you!
    Brandy Lieser
    Executive Director with Passion Parties Inc

    I attended Passion Power June 25, 2005 and you ladies were awesome!! You helped me so much in my business!!  I was just about to give up until I attended that seminar!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    - Laura Allen

    You ladies rocked!  It was the best part of Convention!  So glad I was there!

    - Lynsey Jones-McClelland, Pensacola, Florida

    Loved, Loved, Loved your seminar this past weekend! I’’m on fire again, thanks to you! THANK YOU!

    -Nina Wade, Million Dollar Club

    Thank you so much.  The training call was fabulous.  The gals were really excited about the call.  I am so glad to have found you.  This is certainly going to be a great asset to our organization.
    Tari Martin, Executive Director
    Chic Pursenality

    I attended your training in Pittsburgh over the summer. I really enjoyed it!! In July, my sales were $4000 thanks to you guys!!

    Kim Brafford, Albemarle, N.C.

    Teresa Garrison you are AMAZING!! We were so blessed to have you as our key note speaker at convention this year. My team loved you, I love you and we are all pumped to rock our businesses. Thank you so much for your training.
    -Nina Anderson, WineShop at Home

    Thank you so much for a wonderful WineShop At Home training, Teresa...it was fantastic! I learned so much, have a renewed excitement, and made about 10 phone calls in the last two hours! I’’m truly grateful to have been part of this experience, and appreciate your being there for us. Thank you!! Cheers ~
    - Beth Kappan, WineShop at Home

    It’’s always an amazing experience with you Teresa Garrison! Thank you so much for blessing us all with what made you so successful.
    -Dawn Evans, WineShop at Home

    You were phenomenal Teresa, so glad you were part of our weekend. I learned so much and look forward to having you with me whenever I want via CD.
    -Paulette Young, WineShop at Home

    Loved all your presentations and am already putting it into practice - such great stuff! Thank you for being so warm and generous with us!!
    -Michelle Clauson LaRue, WineShop at Home

         I just wanted to say thank you again for your inspiring words at our national convention this past August.  Since coming home from convention I have recruited three people, and have an additional three people joining my team later this month.  Recruiting has always been a area I struggled in but your words and inspiration have helped me immensely.
    Thank you so much!--
    Joshua Figg, Independent Wine Consultant,Wine Shop at Home

    I want to thank you for speaking on our last conference call. You are truly an inspiration to me! You set the standards for excellence in this business and I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn from you. You made me realize that I can strive for big goals in this business. Thank you so much!
    -- Sincerely, Chris Tomasetti

    I want to say thank you to Theresa for the wonderful information on last
    night’’s training call - The Recruiting Appointment.  As always you are 
    right on target.  I can’’t wait to put this in practice.  These are all 
    things I "know" but you put it in a step by step format that will be 
    so easy to implement. 
    Laura Rinehart

    I have enjoyed the training call conferences very much.  I have started putting a lot of your advise to my business kick off!  I have been with another direct sales company for 2 years 
    and I don’’t think I ever received this level of information.. Thank you!
    - Bethany Hizer

    I loved Robin and Teresa’’s ideas and presentation in Pittsburgh, PA.  Very well done!  We appreciate that you did the research on our company to tailor your presentation for us.  Thank you!

    - Christina Kepner

    You guys ROCK!!! We had such a great time listening to you both speak. I learned a ton!!  Such simple things yet the last on my thoughts. Thank You!!!
    - Michele Schmitt

    I was at the Passion Power in Seattle and you gals rock!  Thanks soooo much.  I’’m already practicing what I learned and it’’s already working!

    - Stacie Kane, Passion Parties

    I saw you at Passion Power in Seattle and you were awesome!  Thanks SO much for the inspiration and business advice.    - Rachelle MacKenzie

    Loved your presentation, I learned so much, especially simple thing to do like change my mindset.  Thanks a million for all the tips & advice.

    - Alicia Gilmore

    I met Teresa and Robin at our Passion Power in Pittsburgh PA, they were great.  Not only did they motivate me but also my husband who came along.  This has also motivated my downline.  Thank you!

    - Susan Stephens, Passion Parties

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!  I came home and signed two people 3 days after seeing your presentation!

    - Elizabeth Munro

    Your session at Passion Power was awesome!  I want all the tips I can get to make my business a success!  Thanks!!
    -Susan Dalton, Passion Parties

    I was in Pittsburgh in June when you ladies spoke to the group from Passion Parties. I throughly enjoyed hearing you speak. I do feel that the ideas and experiences that you told us about will help me make my business grow. Thanks for talking with us.

    -Debby Hipps , Passion Parites


    I attended your training in Seattle Washington and was very impressed. Thank You!

    -Faye Cox

    You two are awesome... since Passion Power I have been booked solid and more confident then ever... I owe some of it to myself but most of it to you for training me giving me a little kick as well... I am doing great and can see a very bright future ahead of myself!! THANK YOU!!!!

    - Jessica Charvat, Passion Parties

    I was at the training event this weekend in Irvine, CA & I just have to
    tell you, this was the most inspiring weekend of my life! Thank you so 
    much for all of your tips & stories! You two are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! 
    -Jamie Thomas, Passion Parties

    Teresa and Robin, You ladies ROCK!!!! I enjoyed listening to both of you this weekend at the training event.  I hope to see you again! 
    Can’’t wait to start getting your tips and putting everything I learned to work for me!!!!   Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Lisa Rosecrans

     Awesome Presentation!!  LOVED it!

    -Amy Harless, Passion Parties

    Loved, Loved, Loved your seminar this past weekend! I’’m on fire again, thanks to you! THANK YOU!

    -Nina Wade, Million Dollar Club, Passion Parties

    Hi Teresa, just wanted to thank you for the great training you gave us at convention. I became such a fan and follower of yours ever since you did those 4 training calls with WineShop at Home a little over a year ago. I have implemented your training in my personal business and have shared it with my team and many of them are using your techniques too. I encourage current and new consultants to go back and listen to those calls, they are a gold mine. You are so down to earth, relatable and your words just resonate with me. I get it when I hear it from you. Thank you so much. We were all so blessed to have you there.
    - Nina Anderson, WineShop at Home

    "One of the best investments you could possibly make in your business would be to spend  time learning the basics of success with Teresa and Robin.  With energy, warmth and humor, they bring fresh insights into the fundementals of direct sales success. They have truly mastered the art of leadership in life, family and business and more importantly, they know how to pass that skill onto others.  Robin and Teresa’s message will move you and their energy will inspire you!"
    --Missy Prout, MPI

    "One more time...I just have to say about the training....WOW! It was fun! It was exciting! Thank you for providing the tools to make all of these "whys" come true!"
    --Sally Whitehouse , Once Upon a Family

    Email Tips Testimonials
    Daily inspiration is awesome!  I have shared them with my team.  We have discussed them at our meetings!  Thank you!  Please keep them coming!
    Wendy Mears, Independent Group Manager with Discovery Toys Inc.

    I am a brand new customer and subscriber.  I LOVE your email tips.  They have been right on my direct sales business.  Keep up the great work!!!
    ~ Jody Morgan

    Oh My Gosh!  Your tips are awesome! 
    Deb De Carlo, Independent Consultant, Tupperware

    Thanks for the tips. Keep them coming.  I particularly liked the hostess coaching ones and anticipate putting them into action this fall!  I loved my stationery too! :) 
    -Michelle Bowditch, Discovery Toys

    I love the tips I receive. I look forward to receiving more.
    Thank you, 

    Lynn Driggers

    I LOVE these tips!!  I just started getting them last
    week, and they are SO helpful!  I’’ve only been in
    direct sales since April, so I’’m still finding my way,
    so to speak.  Thanks SO much!
    - Sandy McKeithan, The Body Shop at Home

    Thank you, Thank you Thank you.....You guys are doing a great job!!!!!
    -Brenda Niederberger

    Teresa & Robin,
    Since learning of Party in Bag from you guys  I do this all the time. It works great! Not only does it make it very easy for the guests to say "yes" it makes it very easy for me. I don’’t have to mail anything ~ save on postage and drive time ~ because I’’m giving my future hostess everything she needs!
    I’’ve had several hostesses say during their parties "this was the easiest party I’’ve ever given!"
    Thanks for the great idea!
    Lisa Chinn

    Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your emails!  You are direct and to the point and the reality of it all is you can’’t make excuses and money at the same time!
    Thanks for the great training info!
    -JoAnne Frank

    I absolutely love your emails!  The info is wonderful and it’’s like having a daily Mentor!  Thank you and I tell everyone about your site!

    Anitas Scolaro, Pgh, Pa..

    I absolutely love your fantabulous daily email tips.
    The information is unbelievable and it’’s like having your own personal mentor.
    Each day I look forward to your wonderful ideas and can’’t wait to pass them along to the entire team.  What I like most is the information you give us daily can be used without having to adjust it to ’’fit’’ our individual business, as all your ideas work for any direct sales company. Keep up the wonderful job with your super ideas, and thank-you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Gail Firby, Home & Gift Collection, Ontario, Canada.

    I just LOVE you people.  Your emails really help to keep my business in perspective and keep me motivated! Thank you for being there!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheri Fleck   Forks, Washington

    Thanks for being so right on with so many topics that all direct sales companies deal with.  I often forward your material to our sales field stating how you are so much in line with our own philosophies and highly urge them to get onto your distribution list so they too can receive your regular inspirations and training. 

    I am on a cruise next week and the one thing I have already planned on packing is the CD set we recently bought from you.  I am really looking forward to soaking up some sun, listening to your trainers.

    Thanks for your excellent service!

    Carol Ford

    Fenice Cosmetics, CEO and Owner

    I just wanted to say thank you for your emails! I get excited each time I see one in my inbox & always enjoy reading them!
    Thanks for the motivation!
    -Lacy Hammack

    I’’m always pleasantly surprised when your daily tips speak to the exact experience I’’m having in my business! Thanks for "The Cycles" email today--can’’t wait for the next installment of rebuilding....
    Tina M


    Keep smiling,