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Quick Tip #1   Never prejudge! – Ask everyone to join.  You never know why someone may be interested in the business.  It is not your job to decide FOR them - it is your job to share the opportunity with them and let THEM decide!

Quick Tip #2  Ask questions to reveal a potential recruits "hot button" or "need". Think about why she would benefit from working with your company and what qualities she has that would make her a good consultant.

Quick Tip #3  Your hostess is your best prospect!  She has experienced first-hand what a fun and easy job you have. Parties that you book at her party can be her parties to do! Be sure you are offering the opportunity to your hostess from your first coaching call by planting seeds like "Watch what I do the night of your party, if you think you can see yourself doing the same thing, we need to talk!"

Quick Tip #4   An objection is often a request for more information.  For example, when a prospect says, "I don't have enough time", she may really be unaware of how much time a job like this takes. A great response is, "How much time do you think this takes?" This gives you the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions she may have about the business.

Quick Tip #5  Don't forget to close or ask for the sale.  It's so simple, just remember to ask, "So, what do you think?" Then, BE QUIET and wait for her response.

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